Webfont: when creativity enables more beautiful websites

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Until a few years ago, sites with beautiful typography were extremely rare. Today, it has never been easier for web interface designers (or web designers) to find a font that matches their imagination.

Webfont libraries are filling up and there are fewer and fewer limits to creativity… and more and more time is spent finding the ideal font.

It is indeed important not to underestimate their importance because it is often they which give the first impression to the visitors on your site. The right and original combination of web fonts is often the best way to reflect the personality of your website.

Web typography: from browser writing to modern fonts

The role of web typography has evolved in recent years thanks to technical advances in computing. For example, the HTML language font was previously defined by the browser used. It is only since the introduction of the <font> tag (now obsolete) that developers have been able to integrate their own typography on their website. Users could load these fonts only if they were installed on their computers. Otherwise, a “fallback font” was proposed, ie a standard web font.

The separation of content (HTML) achieved by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the implementation of in-browser font downloads have enabled web designers to use web-fonts (or webfonts).

When loading a page, the user’s browser receives an indication of the font used and loads it immediately. Thus, the users of the Internet site have in front of them the selected font, even if this one is not installed on their computer.

Since the development of the Web Open Font Format ( WOFF ), a compressed typeface format for use on websites, webfont licenses are sold by an increasing number of vendors on different terms. This has led to a variation in prices, payment methods, and hosting (on a dedicated server or a server belonging to a supplier).

With the competition that is growing foremost on mobiles, website designers have a wide choice of modern and creative typefaces.

Policy categories and fields of application

A typeface groups together all the typographies that have an identical design. Several variants of fonts exist and have particularities in terms of width or spacing. This is the reason why we speak of a family of fonts. Thus, the Segoe UI, Segoe Light, and Segoe Semibold fonts belong to the same family.

These various policies have different fields of application. When making your choice, you will need to take two points into consideration: legibility and the emotion conveyed by the police. The screen used also plays a role. Serif fonts are serif fonts, meaning that the letters have small extensions placed perpendicular to the mainline of the character. For reading on screen, this font is not always ideal.

The function and position of the text influence the choice of font. Typefaces that are relatively flashy work better for headlines than for body text. This is why web designers use several fonts or interfaces in the same text. However, you should not overdo it, otherwise, the site may have difficulty loading.

The effects caused by these web fonts vary depending on the context.

These characteristics represent the general impressions of the fonts. In practice, the use of a font is an effective way to stand out from the competition. In order to find the typography that suits you, we advise you to follow the following tips:

  • Take into account the theme as well as your target group. A convincing combination is of no value if it is not suited to the subject you are dealing with. It is probably best to mix serif and sans serif fonts. Handwriting fonts are more eye-catching and create a vivid effect. They give your site a personal touch, but they should be used sparingly. Calligraphic fonts are often used for special occasions such as weddings or even birthday cards.
  • The more text a page contains, the better it makes sense to emphasize the functionality of the font . Beyond good readability, it should be noted that mobile users use the mobile network to load an Internet page and cannot afford to load overly complex typography.
  • Limit the number of fonts used. Two fonts can be more than enough. One for the body of the text and the other for the titles as well as the specific typographical characters.
  • Look for fonts from the web that stand out and create contrast. The interaction between serif and sans serif types is a good example. Make sure you don’t overdo it. The fonts should not be too far away aesthetically speaking so as not to disturb visitors. On the other hand, if the two fonts look the same, it can also have a negative effect because the site will not stand out.

Where can you find your fonts for the web?

Modern font vendors sell licenses. The latter operate either for a fixed term or grant full properties. In the first case, you receive a link to the server of the provider where the web font is located. In the latter case, you host the font yourself. There is of course a good number of open-source typography. These are very often used by web designers.

Do you want to optimize your website using a modern and distinctive font? Compare the offers of the following Webfont providers:

  • Google Fonts : Free. Over a hundred different font families and various preview functions.
  • Adobe Edge Webfonts : You can find over 500 free and modern web fonts in this list provided by Adobe.
  • Font Squirrel : List of hundreds of free fonts.
  • Font (www.policedecriting.com) [ Over 13,000 free fonts available for download]: 13,000 free fonts per category.
  • FFonts : free and paid fonts. A premium subscription is possible.
  • Dafont : this platform presents fonts that belong to their authors. The advantage is that they are unique and will make you stand out.
  • MyFonts : miscellaneous policies acquired largely through one-time payment and tested for 30 days. The WhatTheFont service allows you to identify free of charge and automatically which font it is.
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