The Best Business Ideas For SMEs And The Self-Employed

The Best Business Ideas For SMEs And The Self-Employed
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Since the Corona crisis, the trend has been in favor of teleworking, and even more so for the self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In part, it offers completely new business opportunities and fields of activity. We’ll present to you seven small business concepts or thematic fields that you can also implement easily from home.

What exactly are good business ideas?

It is often one’s own passion or professional career that sets the course for self-employment. Have you worked for years as a programmer, graphic designer, or lawyer in a salaried position? The step towards the status of self-employed often stems from a desire to gain flexibility and freedom, because the job in itself remains very similar.

However, you can also turn to the micro-enterprise with ideas that have appeared to you over time and for which you must have acquired prior knowledge or find suitable partners.

That an idea is good and to what extent is verified only while doing the planning in detail: creating an activity is above all a great intellectual work which often exposes the chances of success and the existing obstacles and makes it possible to measure whether an idea is viable.

We will come back to this point later.

Sell ​​thematic boxes via an online store

What once started with the sending of food products for one, two, or more dishes per week, has today become one of the most diverse business ideas: between the sending of wines, sweets, salty snacks, or fine products, practically anything is possible.

You may either look for cooperation partners or suppliers who can supply the necessary items for the boxes, or you start production yourself. The sale is made through an online store.

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Certain ideas also open up new outlets in the field of micro-enterprises: for example, supplement your range of wine boxes with online tastings or seminars that you can organize at home.

Business opportunities around DIY and e-learning

While leisure organizations and many training establishments had to close their doors during the Corona crisis, e-learning and the “home-made” encountered a real boom.

In the field of DIY (Do it yourself), there are many ways in which you could monetize “live” events, whether by painting together around a glass of wine, by making pastry or manual work: you can let your imagination run wild here.

Ideas for Personal Trainers, Consultants and Coaches

Here, you could give individual or group fitness classes, accompany people in their quest for a new purpose in life or other fundamental changes, or sell simply your expertise to others. The advantage of these business ideas is that they require little start-up capital to get started.


It is not always easy to start or to get started in these fields, because the consultants and the coaches are not counted anymore and are lacking a lot of seriousness. But careful preparation, complemented by a powerful network, guarantees great prospects for profit.

Other new business opportunities around body and mind

Well-being and personal development naturally draw crowds. According to statistics, the health and beauty sector is booming, and certainly promises a great potential of opportunities to join this success. Whether producing or selling skincare products (note: strict requirements are imposed here regarding ingredients and production) or, to a lesser extent, presenting skincare products as an influencer on social networks (it is often hard to believe but this represents a huge profit potential).

This also encompasses the development of health apps in a broader sense: whether it is sport and movement in general, diet, or meditation.

Succeed through sustainable development

This niche is not a business idea in itself but represents a huge pool of yet unexplored potential. Whether it’s opening a store in bulk or without packaging, making alternatives to plastics and disposables, or simply providing guides on how to improve your life and make it more sustainable.

Let’s face it, business ideas are sometimes more expensive but they are worth it in more ways than one: you are making a contribution to the protection of the environment and you are likely to be successful in the long term because of the trend. positive for sustainability, provided the right approach is adopted.

Creative business opportunities

Here too, these ideas will not necessarily enrich you, but will nevertheless allow you to generate a small additional income in the long term. You just need to show a certain predisposition for creativity, which you will exploit by printing for example t-shirts with your own patterns, by offering pictures on photography sales platforms, by selling your clothes made or knitted by your care, etc.

Home-made children’s clothing is therefore often very successful. So don’t wait any longer to dust off your sewing machine.

Become a self-employed person with ideas around housekeeping

If you are less creative, you can also simply offer a housekeeping service, for example, gardening, home, and office cleaning, minor repairs, or child or animal care. This can resonate well in a neighborhood with elderly people.

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Bringing Business Ideas to Life: The Way Forward

If you’ve decided on an idea, now is the time to turn it into reality and put your thoughts down on paper. First, describe the idea itself, the outline of your business model, and the skills you need. Based on this thinking, create a business plan. This constitutes the basis of your business creation and is essential if you plan to convince investors to participate financially in the realization of your project.

The major contents of your business plan are the presentation of your person and your idea, a target group, and complete market analysis, as well as the evaluation of the opportunities and risks arising therefrom and the complete costs, not to mention the profitability and investment plans. If your business idea is particularly expensive, start thinking about funding opportunities as part of your business plan.

At least as crucial as a well-oiled business plan, your online presence must also be convincing. Starting with a domain name of its own, going through the attractive design of the website to the functional online store.

For your first steps, we can offer you expert support for the development of your website. So you can create a compelling virtual business card in no time to promote your new business ideas.

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