SEOPress Vs Rank Math

SEOPress vs Rank Math
SEOPress vs Rank Math
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become an indispensable tool for businesses and corporations. A web store will just be a shop without any sales if it can’t be found by potential customers.

With more than 1/3 of the web being built on WordPress, building WordPress plugins (add-ons) and themes has turned into a lucrative industry. Hence, a good number of developers and companies began building SEO plugins for the WordPress platform among which are SEOPress and Rank Math.

Though these plugins do the same thing under the hood (SEO), they, however, proceed differently and have traits that are unique to each of them. SEOPress and Rank Math, being among the giants in the industry, we will comparatively review their price plans, installations, features, individual competence, and ease of use.

Why Worry About SEO?


Nowadays, people turn to search engines whenever they intend to make minor or major decisions concerning their lives. These search engines on the other hand have set up strategic algorithms that’ll make sure only relevant search results are presented to their users.

Hence, making use of keywords, placing optimized metadata, writing an interesting title, optimizing your images for SEO, etc. are among the many things search engines use to determine if a piece of content is relevant. SEOPress and Rank Math were created so you don’t get bothered by all the SEO procedures and details. All you have to do is concentrate on your content and do all that they ask you to do.

The conclusion is that websites that rank on the first page of searches win at least 70% of the traffic related to that keyword. Think about it! So, we will evaluate the difference between these plugins and find out to what extent they meet the requirement of search engines.

SEOPress Vs Rank Math Review

Let’s first introduce SEOPress and discuss its features.

SEOPress Plugin Review

SEOPress WordPress Plugin

SEOPress has both free and paid versions. Compared to the number of functionalities it has, you may expect it to be a little heavyweight and bulky. However, this plugin is surprisingly very light and easy-going. Hence, you’re certain your site won’t misbehave as it does when you use other bulky SEO plugins.

Rank Math Review

Like SEOPress, Rank Math is also a freemium WordPress plugin. Though their premium version is relatively recent. However, their aim is to make sure the current features in the free version remain free.

rank math
RankMath WordPress Plugin

Rank Math checks your site’s current settings during installation and suggests appropriate settings that will improve your site’s performance. Also, Rank Math will take you through a step-by-step setup and installation wizard that will not only set up your site’s SEO but also your social profiles.

SEOPress Vs Rank Math Keyword Integration Comparison

Keyword integration is one of the fundamental steps of on-site SEO. Without the use of a plugin, integrating keywords into a WordPress article is not obvious. Luckily, we have plugins such as SEOpress and Rank Math.

Presently, SEOPress is brilliant when it concerns optimizing your article with key phrases. SEOPress will enable you to streamline your article and make it optimized for ranking in multiple keywords/keyphrases (even in the free version). Even better, SEOPress allows you to carry out keyword searches from within your editor.

Rank Math on the other hand is not a novice either. Rank Math permits you to select a priority key phrase from which it will recommend relevant long-tail variations from Google keyword planner. Also, Rank Math equally gives you the possibility to use multiple keywords/keyphrases (up to 5 in the free version).

Integrating Google Analytics Or Search Console

Integrating your Google search console into Rank Math is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is include and verify the details of your Gmail record. This will permit you to pull all the information on your search console and Google analytics and display it directly on your dashboard.

On the other hand, SEOPress pulls pieces of information regarding your site’s performance from Google analytics instead of from the search console like Rank Math. Also, SEOPress gives you the possibility to discover backlinks using the Majestic SEO API.

Managing Outbound Links With Rank Math And SEOPress

Many SEO geeks prefer setting external links from their articles as no-follow. This way their site does not get affected by the SEO score of the target link.

Setting a link as no-follow is trivial and easy for a coder. However, non-techies would definitely not love to be bothered by such detail. This is where Rank Math and SEOPress come into play.

Though Rank Math has a dedicated manager feature for external links, SEOPress on the other hand requires that you do it manually on the plugin.

seopress link manager
seopress link manager

Optimizing Images In SEOPress And Rank Math

Pictures and videos can equally be used as a means of bringing in free traffic to your website. This is done by including relevant alt tags and meta tags in the pictures and videos.

Rank Math and SEOPress all offer amazing options for optimizing images for SEO though they do it differently. In SEOPress for example, the use of alt tags is very much enforced by the plugin while Rank Math enables you to include Rich Video Snippets which converts pretty well in terms of traffic.

Integrating Schema.Org enables you to legitimately use star appraisals, rich snippets, etc. on the search engine results. This will help your articles to stand out from that of your competitors and hence increase your click-through rate.

For Google and other search engines to easily crawl and determine the content of your site, you will need to generate and submit an XML sitemap that contains links to all articles and pages within your site. Good news! Rank Math and SEOPress are both very competent when it comes to generating and updating XML sitemaps. Having a plugin that handles multiple tasks is pretty handy and good for your site’s speed.

Rank Math Vs SEOPress – Content Analysis

content analysis on seopress
content analysis on seopress

Both plugins analyze your article while you write. They help you create meta descriptions, title snippets and even give an SEO score to your article which helps in making SEO targeted adjustments.

SEOPress Vs RankMath – WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce is currently the most popular e-commerce plugin in the WordPress ecosystem. It integrates online store abilities into WordPress sites such as empowering payment methods, including items, and much more.

Rank Math offers SEO functionalities for WooCommerce where users can add metadata about the products for it to show up in organic searches related to the keyword of that product (and Rank Math does this for free).

SEOPress on the other hand has a whole SEO administrative section for WooCommerce e-stores with tons of functionalities that you can use to boost your e-commerce site.


Rank math is completely free though they will soon bring in a premium add-on. However, this premium add-on won’t cause features to be removed from the current free version.

SEOPress on the other hand has a premium version which is an add-on to the free version and has a ton of additional functionalities.

seopress pricing
seopress pricing


Finally, you made it to the end. which plugin should you pick?

Definitely go for Rank Math. Not only is it free, but its features are also comparable to that of major premium plugins in the industry. SEOPress is not a bad idea either given the fact that it is lightweight and very powerful too. However, I recommend you use SEOPress only when you intend to take a leap to the next level of SEO optimization on your site.

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