SEOPress Review: Why Choose It?

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Before we review SEOPress features, Let’s begin with a simple question.

What do you expect from an SEO tool?

In general, if you don’t know what you need, you may end up having a bunch of WordPress plugins with overlapping functionalities. For example, what is the need of having a plugin that takes care of inserting header and footer codes when your SEO tool has that functionality?

Knowing beforehand what functionality a plugin offers will help you avoid installing unnecessary plugins, and hence boost your site speed.

What Is SEOPress?

From its name, I’m sure you must have guessed this WordPress plugin has something to do with Search Engine Optimization.

Nice guess 🙂

SEOPress was developed by a known WordPress plugin developer and expert Benjamin Denis who is also known to have worked on WPCloudy and WP Admin UI.

If you are the type of person who likes to use trusted tools, then I’m glad to tell you that SEOPress won’t break that tradition with over 100,000+ installations and an average rating of 5 stars (you heard right, 5 stars!).

This plugin is among the best in the SEO industry that can help you give Google a clue on what your pages are about, hence optimizing your on-page and on-site SEO.

I don’t mean to exaggerate, but I guarantee you will be amazed by the features SEOPress has to offer.

SEOPress Features

SEOPress is a free WordPress plugin that can easily be downloaded from the official WordPress plugin repository with the possibility of upgrading to a premium version later.

SEOPress Features
SEOPress Features

The free version alone comes with a tonne of functionalities needless to imagine how much power is offered by the premium version.

Free SEOPress Features

Below is a quick breakdown of the free features of SEOPress.

1) Control Over Meta Descriptions And Page Title

This feature allows you to set globally the way your meta description and titles will be displayed by search engines.

Meta Descriptions And Page Title
Meta Descriptions And Page Title

This part of SEO is crucial and directly influences your Click Through Rate. You better make them more enticing and don’t forget to add your keyword in order to obtain that extra boost.

2) Automatic XML And HTML Sitemaps

This feature allows you to automate your XML sitemap creation and update. You even get the possibility to create an HTML sitemap of all the pages and posts within your site.

Automatic XML And HTML Sitemaps
Automatic XML And HTML Sitemaps

What are these sitemaps used for?

Search engines crawl the XML sitemap with the use of a bot. It is through this that they are able to index the content within your site.

The HTML sitemap on the other hand isn’t too required. Its main function is to provide a list of all the pages on your site for humans and bots to go through since these lists of pages are actually links to your site’s content.

3) Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph is simply that piece of information that appears at the right of the list of search results.

Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph

Isn’t this feature awesome?

The good part about this feature is the fact that SEOPress allows you to tell Google what you want to display. It could be your:

  • biography
  • social media links
  • your bst looking image
  • etc

4) Google Analytics

SEOPress allows you to connect to your Google Analytics thereby providing you with some analytics on your dashboard.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Though it doesn’t provide you with much detail, I think what it provides is enough to stop you from switching between Google Analytics and your site continuously.

5) Google Suggests

Not sure of which long tail keyword to use?

This feature allows you to write in a keyword and it provides you with a list of longtail variations of that keyword.

Google Suggests
Google Suggests

Isn’t it cool?

Now a days, it is hard to get this type of data without using a tool.

Very nice 🙂

Premium SEOPress Features

It only gets better. Bellow is a collection of the top premium features.

1) Redirection

Have you ever bothered doing a redirection before?

The need of carrying out redirects will grow with the size of your site.

Redirection with SEOPress
Redirection with SEOPress

301 redirects is the most common. What it does is kill a page you no longer need and directs all its SEO juice to another which you want to rank. This is a good way of avoiding conflicts between pages that are ranking for the same keyword.

With SEOPress pro, you won’t need to download and install an additional plugin for this.

2) Woocommerce

The popularity of the Woocommerce plugin is almost viral, and this is because of the recent success of e-commerce sites.


What does SEOPress have to do with e-commerce?

Well, you wouldn’t like some pages to be indexed by search engines since they offer very little value and may have some negative influence on your overall SEO.

This plugin solves this problem by allowing you to manually not index such pages.

3) Broken Link Checker

Are you using a dedicated plugin to monitor broken links within your site? or are you using some outside tool?

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker

No need for all that stress anymore.

This plugin allows you to check for such issues and even permits you to export the test results into a csv file.

Why is it important to solve broken link issues within your site?

First of all, users hate broken links and sites that have them. Secondly, having internal broken links can affect your page ranks. Hence, fixing it can provide a little boost to your SEO.

How To Install And Setup SEOPress

How To Install And Setup SEOPress

SEOPress Review: Pros & Cons


  • Free to download and use
  • Good price
  • Good content analysis
  • Good documentation


  • There is a little learning curve
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