SAP Programming Language (ABAP)

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With ABAP, SAP has developed a programming language for all of its applications in the SAP product area, which is proprietary and has similarities in structure with the well-known programming language COBOL. 

Having a good mastery of ABAP these days can greatly affect your career opportunities in the IT industry.

What is ABAP (SAP)?

ABAP is the abbreviation for Advanced Business Application Programming and describes the programming language that the software company SAP uses as a proprietary programming language when using commercial applications in their production environment. 

ABAP was specially developed by SAP for this purpose and is structurally similar to the well-known programming language COBOL. ABAP has been continuously developed and has no fixed language scope.

How does ABAP work?

ABAP is a programming language based on the 4-GL language standard and was developed for use in mass data processing in commercial and industrial software applications. Since many data transfer functions are created directly in ABAP, the language offers many advantages over other programming languages ​​that have to fall back on special libraries to use such functions. 

The ABAP programming model works on the principle of using subroutines and function modules. Another version uses classes and interfaces. 

Because ABAP was developed on the basis of the SAP source code, it is the optimal programming language to successfully use the commercial SAP software used worldwide.

How do I learn ABAP?

It is best to do further training or training as a SAP consultant directly through SAP. In addition, a degree in computer science is a solid basis for advanced training in ABAP. The courses are very demanding. 

After your apprenticeship, however, you will be an absolute specialist in SAP software development and consultant and have excellent job opportunities. You will find a ton of useful information about ABAP on the SAP website. It is best to take an advanced training course directly from SAP.

What can I earn with ABAP knowledge?

If you enter the job market as a software developer with knowledge of SAP and sound knowledge of ABAP, you can usually choose from many offers and accept the job offer that suits you best. 

As a software developer at SAP, you will earn between $55,400 to $70,300 yearly. Hence, the average salary for a software developer with ABAP knowledge at SAP is around $63,200. 

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