Really Simple SSL Pro (Review)

really simple ssl pro
really simple ssl pro
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These days, cybercrimes are continually hitting new peak records. In 2018 alone, these crimes cost both businesses and consumers a total of $1.5 trillion worldwide. For this reason, it is highly recommended for every business or individual to set up a security certificate for their site whether they collect and handle personal information or not.

In this article, I’ll show you how and why you need to set up your WordPress site with a security certificate using ‘Really Simple SSL‘.

If you wanna learn more about website certificates, and how to set them up on your WordPress site manually, I’ll recommend you have a look at this beginner’s guide.

Why Should You Install Really Simple SSL Pro

You can freely find and download Really Simple SSL from the WordPress repository however, the free version is limited in functionality compared to the premium version.

Really Simple SSL Pro works like an add-on that adds more features to the free version of the software such as applying SSL on social media widgets, single pages, complete websites, and even multiple sites.

Features Of Really Simple SSL Pro

Primarily, Really Simple SSL automatically configures your website and moves it from HTTP to HTTPS based on your settings.

What do you have to gain from the pro version?

  • You will have the possibility to enable HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • You will be able to configure your site for the HSTS preload list.
  • Increased security with the use of advanced security headers.
  • You will have a detailed feedback on the configuration page.
  • Great support from the developers
  • A mixed content scan, which will show you what you have to do if you don’t have the secure lock yet.
  • Above all, this plugin remains lightweight and easy to use.

How To Install Really Simple SSL Pro

How to install really simple ssl

The installation process of Really Simple SSL Pro is very similar to that of other WordPress plugins with just a few procedures more.

  • First, download the premium add-on from your email. In case the link in your email has expired, you should still be able to get the add-on from your account on
  • Download the free version of ‘Really Simple SSL’ from the WordPress repository and install.
  • Navigate to the plugin tab from your dashboard and upload the .zip file you downloaded from your email after purchasing the add-on.
  • Go to Settings/SSL. A new tab “license” has appeared here. You can enter the license key here, then save
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