Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugins To Boost Your Social Network

buddypress plugins
buddypress plugins
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Would you like to know how to strengthen a social network with the WordPress BuddyPress plugin?

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own social network.  However, we have to admit that the basic functionality of this plugin may not be enough for some. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of awesome WordPress plugins that’ll help you expand their functions thanks to extensions.

In this article, we’ll show you the best Premium WordPress BuddyPress plugins that’ll help you increase the performance of your social network. 

Before we get started, if you’ve never installed WordPress, Check our article on how to start a blog for your business.

Back to why we are here.

1. LetsPush Web Push Notification

Web push notifications, also known as browser push notifications are clickable messages that the website can send to the user without knowing their email address or other contact information.


These notifications are delivered in real-time even when the user is not browsing your website. This WordPress plugin also allows the administrator to send push notifications to users who have subscribed to the website.

So you can send your visitors a personalized message, sell a product or send updates to your website. It integrates heavily with BuddyPress and is compatible with WooCommerce.

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2. WooCommerce Social Login

This premium WordPress plugin reduces the registration time of a website which generally annoys users and thereby, reduces your sales. However, when you use WooCommerce Social Login it increases the time saved by the user, which turns out to reduce the bounce rate of your site and hence increases your sales as well.

WooCommerce Social Login

When a customer visits your website for the first time, you make checkout easier by allowing them to check out as a guest. However, this leads to friction losses for customers who want to shop several times in your online shop. You will need to create a different username and password each time.

WooCommerce Social Login, therefore, makes this process as easy and secure as possible. Customers can sign in to your website using their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (, PayPal, and Instagram accounts. and Amazon.

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3. Better User Chat For BuddyPress

Better User Chat for BuddyPress is a new premium WordPress chat plugin. This is what chat should be like for a social network. It’s fast, intuitive, engaging, and visually appealing. This equates the communication of the users of your website to any premium social network.

Thanks to the powerful customization window, you can configure an ideal chat for your website in seconds. Features include a chat widget that your users will love, the presence of multiple emojis, file sharing, notifications, and acoustic warnings, online presence control, and much more.

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4. Reactions WordPress Plugin

This premium WordPress plugin creates reaction buttons that can be added to chat content, comments, and conversations. If you’re using BuddyPress, you can enable feedback on activities, comments, groups, and user profiles.

Features include: customization of the interface via drag & drop, multilingual support , WooCommerce and bbPress.

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5. WPAchievements

WPAchievements is a powerful premium WordPress plugin for performance and success. It is a perfect extension for your website to improve user experience and increase interactivity with them.

With WPAchievements you can easily create and manage achievements, quests and user rankings.

Turning your website into a gaming and entertainment platform will never be easier without this WordPress plugin.

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6. ARMember

ARMember is a premium plugin for protecting WordPress content. It’s a unique solution that allows you to sell subscriptions on any website. It has a whole range of tools that you can use to protect all or part of the content.


Another feature is the fact that it offers a free option that is somewhat limited in terms of functionality.

Speaking of features, this powerful WordPress plugin offers, among other things: the ability to schedule its content, support for multiple subscription plans, easy setup, migration between subscriptions, WooCommerce support, multiple form templates, and more.

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7. Youzer BuddyPress Plugin

Youzer is another premium WordPress plugin with numerous features that can be used to create any website you want to restrict its content. But it’s not only that, it can also help you turn your website into a true community platform.

Youzer BuddyPress Plugin

The features are many and the listing here corresponds to an article dedicated to this WordPress plugin. Also note that at the layout and appearance level of this WordPress plugin, you will be seduced by its maturity and robustness.

Just check out his demo and come up with an opinion that fits exactly what you’d expect from a WordPress plugin in this niche.

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8. User Avatar Plugin For WordPress

WP User Avatar Pro is a premium plugin for creating WordPress avatars. Profile pictures are configured on every WordPress website.

This WordPress plugin works with WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress and perfectly supports multisite.

In addition, you can save avatar files to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Media Manager, or a custom folder.

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Here! That’s all for our list of the best premium WordPress  BuddyPress plugins designed to boost the performance of your social network. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know in the area reserved for you.

You may have a look at our blog if you need more resources and tip to run your online business and website creation projects.

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