15+ (Simple) Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas
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Not all online business ideas turn into great success overnight. Nevertheless, there are many online business ideas that can be started as a complementary activity, and which can become the main activity with increasing success.

Here’s what drives ideas out of the ranks, and why a good homepage often tips the scales.

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Idea # 1: dropshipping via an online store

The construction of an online store is of course one of the online business ideas that immediately come to mind. But what should you do when are unable to manufacture or have enough space to store large quantities of goods? This is where dropshipping comes in: you showcase the products in your online store, while the actual producer – say a regional retailer – takes care of the shipment when a purchase is made.

Advantages :

  • Expensive investments for the purchase of goods are unnecessary.
  • No storage space required.
  • Producers also often bear the shipping costs.

This is above all suitable for business creators who do not yet dare to rub shoulders with the big business of e-commerce, do not market their own products online, and wish to understand initially how online shops work.

Idea # 2: market online courses

Are you particularly competent, or even an expert in a particular field? If yes, then I’d say you have already laid the foundation for the next idea: marketing online courses.

Once scheduled, recorded, and published, you generate almost passive income – and earn money with every new student, without having to move a finger again to do so.

Advantages :

  • As an expert, you immediately bring the necessary knowledge for your course.
  • Once produced, you can renew the marketing of the course indefinitely.

Everyone knows how to do something (a little) better than the others – as soon as one realizes it, the first step is already taken in favor of the online courses which belong to the business ideas on the Internet, which everyone can achieve.

Idea # 3: become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistance is another name for secretarial work in the digital age. You take care of organizational tasks, such as managing appointments and writing work for clients from a wide variety of industries.

Prior training is not necessary for this area, as it is sufficient to have a good sense of contact and basic knowledge of using Office solutions. All the skills that you present in addition (on the technical, conceptual, or linguistic levels) will broaden your field of intervention and increase your chances of success.

Advantages :

  • No specific prior training required.
  • No start-up costs.

Remember, however, that the tasks assigned to you are not always the most captivating and ambitious. In addition, you may have to deal with difficult customers and demanding wishes at inconvenient times.

Idea # 4: become a blogger

Do you have a real passion for a particular subject? Between cooking, traveling, or raising animals: the ideas for this type of Internet business meet no limits.

On the contrary: the more outlandish they are, the better. To make money with a blog, you need to be concerned with reaching the right audience who will present enough interest in what you write about and get them to invest in you.

Accompanying blogging to other online business ideas such as selling online courses usually turns out to be a good mix and often multiplies your revenue.

Advantages :

  • You do an activity with what you love – which is often more of a hobby than hard work.
  • Can be combined well with other online business ideas.

A downside associated with this idea is that there are unfortunately very many bloggers (amateurs) on practically all topics. Getting a foothold here and making money is therefore often a matter of luck. Only get started with this idea initially if you can content yourself with viewing blogging as just one long-term hobby.

Idea # 5: produce a podcast

If you’re more into personalized addressing, a podcast is probably a better idea than a blog. You can discuss here all the subjects that are absolutely important to you.

A good idea is to regularly invite icons (or influencers) in your discipline to quickly increase your reputation and entertain your audience.

Advantages :

  • Relatively fast production with simple means.
  • Telling (and listening) often seems easier than writing (and reading).

If you’ve always been able to excite others by bringing up new things or a hot topic, a podcast can be just the right entry point to starting a business.

Idea #6: become an influencer

Similar to the production of a blog or podcast, but significantly increasing its degree of public exposure: Is known as being an influencer.

The more people follow you, the more brands find you attractive, trust you with their products and pay you for your posts.

Advantages :

  • No special training required.
  • No initial cost to start a business.
  • Very high income possible with the corresponding scope

Let’s face it: no guarantees of success are offered – becoming a successful influencer on command is practically out of the question.

If you want to give it a try, exposing your privacy on the public highway shouldn’t stop you.

Idea # 7: Managing Influencers

You may not be interested in advertising to the general public, but know exactly how Instagram and Co. work?

Then, try your luck as an influencer agent. In this case, you are at the interface between influencers and companies that want to take advantage of influencer marketing. This lead comes with good income prospects with the right candidates on board.

Advantages :

  • No initial cost to start a business.
  • You profit from the success of others.

If you have organizational skills and feel comfortable in contact with a wide variety of people – in addition to extensive knowledge in marketing and social media – influencer management is definitely one of the ideas for a business. online doomed to success.

Idea # 8: market homemade products

This idea is undoubtedly much more concrete: if you have artistic and/or manual gifts, market your homemade products via an online store. Social networks give artists and artisans as many potential sales today.

Advantages :

  • You turn your hobby into a profession and a source of income.
  • Numerous marketing possibilities.

Honestly, the online sale of homemade products is not likely to make you get rich – just because the scalability is necessarily limited, and you need to naturally increase production to suit the growing demand. But this idea is very suitable for extra income and if you like to bring special joy to others.

Idea # 9: sell 3D prints

At a notch more specialized in the sale of his creations, we find the sale of objects printed in 3D. Required printers are now available to consumers at affordable prices Not only can you realize creative ideas, but also conquer an exciting and growing sector: the production of low-cost parts, tools, and more.

Advantages :

  • No special prior knowledge required.
  • Captivating area with high potential.

Those who will find their account here are especially technology enthusiasts with a certain artistic fiber.

Idea # 10: become a designer, photographer or artist

Here you give free rein to your creativity: whether you are a graduate graphic designer, who earns a living doing commissioned tasks for the advertising industry, or a born artist. There is no need here to rise to the same level as a Van Gogh or a Banksy – if you enjoy painting, photographing, or designing objects, you can market art online for example through portals to photographers or online shops for art prints.

Advantages :

  • Low start-up costs.
  • You earn money by harnessing your passion.

As art is a matter of taste and competition is fierce, success is obviously not guaranteed. Image banks can generate a small additional income at best. If you bring above-average talent, it can be helpful to become a professional photographer.

Graphic designers by training have less room for maneuver in the expression of their art, but their chances of success are all the higher.

Idea # 11: earn money writing

Become a writer or go further by writing your own book. Here too, it is necessary to distinguish between the full-fledged profession of “editor” and the life of an author. The latter is much freer and you can publish your work on your own by self-publishing. It is also difficult here to predict with certainty the great fame. Writers find their clients most often online in advertisements or on dedicated platforms.

Advantages :

  • Low start-up costs.
  • You earn money by harnessing your passion.

Have you always been comfortable handling words or have you always dreamed of living the life of an author, or being able to shut yourself up for weeks in a house by the sea to write? So go ahead and try your luck as a writer. Note, however, that getting down to your writing table regularly can quickly feel like hard work – discipline is key here.

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Idea # 12: Online business ideas for linguistic talents

Do you speak and write fluently in several languages? The profession of a translator may be the right track for your emerging Internet business.

The good side of the story: your own creativity is not in great demand, because you translate already written texts.

Advantages :

  • No start-up costs.
  • The main predisposition to bring is your linguistic talent.

Even though Google Translate is improving, you will still be needed as a translator if you are looking for additional or main income and if you are lucky enough to speak multiple languages.

Idea 13: become a programmer

Hardly any profession is in demand (in the media world) as that of a programmer. Whether it’s websites or apps, or at best both, there are many doors open to you if you are proficient in one or more programming languages, especially in the context of start-ups.

If you haven’t learned programming as a profession, there are many online tutorials and crash courses that will get you started in the industry.

Advantages :

  • No start-up costs.
  • A skill in high demand with high earning potential.

Let’s face it: a certain affinity for technology is essential if you plan to become self-employed as a programmer. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, you need to have an ongoing interest in novelty and continually educate yourself.

Idea # 14: Complete Website Management

Do it all in the digital age (and/or have the right network)? You then meet the perfect conditions to offer the tranquility pack: develop online stores or websites, and take charge of graphics, text, SEO, and marketing.

The appropriate target groups here are small and medium-sized businesses that are not able or willing to use a well-established agency.

Advantages :

  • No start-up costs.
  • The diversity of tasks and sectors.

Do you like to change and take pleasure in familiarizing yourself with new themes? This lead is then undoubtedly one of the attractive ideas for your online business.

With toolkits, tutorials, and partners where appropriate, it is often enough to have a basic understanding, not detailed expertise.

Idea # 15: Profit from Affiliate Programs

Finally, here is a little idea for all those who have already established themselves through one or more online presences: register with affiliate programs and include the links to the products or services corresponding on your website or your blog.

Depending on the compensation model, you monetize every click or every purchase after the click.

Advantages :

  • Very easy to do.
  • No special knowledge required.

Having an online presence is a prerequisite for making money with affiliate marketing. Do not underestimate the potential at this stage: especially when you have sites dealing with niche themes, the integration of affiliate links can prove to be lucrative.

Bringing business ideas to life online: the key steps

Have you chosen an idea for an online business and are ready to go? Here are the major tips to follow to get started:

  • Write a business plan . The business plan is important for putting your own idea to the test and convincing potential investors of its viability. It does not matter if the business plan is intended for an online store or for a profession “in good standing” as a programmer or designer, even if the requirements are specific according to the provision of services or the trading of products.
  • Take care of the required formalities such as registrations with administrations, insurance companies and professional organizations.
  • Build a online presence compelling . Some of the internet business ideas mentioned above lead to building an online store or website, but an online presence is also your digital business card when you’re a copywriter or designer. If you lack creativity in this area, you can also outsource the creation of your website to a website design service.
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